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Welcome to The Inner Space Astro Forecast

for November December 11 - 17


Monday the Moon moves into Libra, but makes no exact aspects until Tuesday. Don’t expect to get much accomplished today
Tuesday morning starts off with the Moon sextile Venus in the wee hours. This may bring sweet or romantic dreams. Late morning there is a lunar square to Pluto,  Watch out for manipulative or controlling behavior from yourself or from others toward you. By mid afternoon the Moon is sextile the Sun and then Mercury. The retrograde Mercury is in focus this afternoon. Don’t make major purchases or sign contracts now. Tonight the Sun conjoins Mercury in the retrograde cycle. This along with a lunar opposition to Uranus makes for erratic behaviors and people changing their minds. Whatever was begun back in November may “go to hell in a basket” as the old saying goes.
Wednesday the Moon is sextile Saturn for the morning commute. Traffic may be slow, but it’s steady as she goes. This afternoon the Moon conjoins Mars. Count to 10 before blowing up or making harsh comments. The Moon moves into Scorpio tonight.
The Moon is trine Neptune for the early commute; most of us would rather be in bed than anything else with this transit. Maybe a water aerobics or swimming class would be good for those brave souls who get up early. The Moon conjoins Jupiter by lunchtime. Watch out for overeating, or any other emotional overdoing. Tonight the Moon is sextile Pluto at 6:42 PM. Now would be a good time to have a hypnotherapy session or a colonics session – anything to get rid of crap, literally or metaphorically. The Moon moves into Sagittarius tonight. The mood lightens.
Saturday morning the Sun is trine Uranus. Now is the time to show your stuff, allow those brilliant ideas and insights to sparkle. Don’t fence yourself in. Tonight the Moon is square Neptune. Use restraint at the holiday party. The danger is in drinking too much or being tempted with recreational drugs. The outcome will not be good.

Sunday morning early, the Moon conjoins Mercury, adding to the retrograde confusion. Fortunately most of us will be sleeping. Early this afternoon the Moon conjoins Venus. This is a good time to give yourself a treat, or allow someone else to do so. Tonight the Moon is trine Uranus. This creates an emotionally restless mood. It may be difficult to fall asleep. Excitement is in the air.


 Dr. Sherry Henderson founded the Atlantian Mystery Schools, a holistic and metaphysical professional training program for astrologers, spiritual healers, ministers and counselors in 1995. Dr. Henderson teaches astrology, Kabbalah, psychic development, world religion and spiritual business classes and is a practicing astrologer. She is the director of The Inner Space metaphysical center in Atlanta, Georgia. For information on classes or to schedule an appointment, call 404-252-4540.