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June 11 - June 17, 2018

The Taurus Moon is opposite Jupiter then sextile Neptune in the early morning hours. Dreams and visions are enhanced by both of these aspects. Just before lunchtime, the Moon is trine Pluto. There may be opportunities for transformation or catharsis. Now is a good time to clean out closets. Tonight the Moon is sextile Venus. Romance is in the air.

The Moon moves into Gemini early Tuesday morning. Mercury moves into Cancer tonight. With these in each other's signs, both are stronger. Emotional communications are favored today, although people may be a little overly sensitive. If you are careful this could go well, but a lunar trine to Mars has a tendency to run over feelings roughshod. Tone it back.

The Moon is square Neptune in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday. This may cause a deep, almost comatose sleep. Dreams may be disturbing. Mercury is sextile Uranus all day. Ideas are electric and there is a spark to communications. Now is the time to be innovative. The new Moon this afternoon is the time to start new projects or plant seeds. Early this evening Venus moves into Leo. It's party time! Romance lightens up and becomes more fun.

Early Thursday morning the Moon is sextile Uranus. This can be an early morning wake-up from an unexpected source, or did you just set the clock wrong? Mid morning the Moon conjoins Mercury. Communications are favored. Mid afternoon the Moon is opposite Saturn. Dealings with older people, especially women are likely. Tonight late, Venus is square Uranus. This can mean a sudden change in a relationship, a chance encounter that feels like love at first sight, or luck with money - good or bad.

Friday morning we have lunar aspects to Jupiter and Neptune again. It's an instant replay of the pre-dawn hours on Monday. The Moon is opposite Pluto. There could be manipulation or control issues. Emotions run high. Tonight Mercury is opposite Saturn. Communications or writing may take on structure or may even feel stilted or stifled tonight.

Saturday the Moon moves into Leo square Uranus then conjunct Venus. An early morning wake up may disturb your sleep. By mid morning things smooth out and the day feels glorious with a lunar conjunction to Venus. This evening early, harsh words or road rage spoils the day.

Sunday morning early the Moon is square Jupiter. This could mean a midnight raid on the refrigerator. The Moon is sextile the Sun tonight and goes void of course until it enters Mercury early Monday morning.

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