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The total eclipse blood moon was somewhat of an anticlimax with our soggy weather here in Atlanta. According to Vedic astrology we won't feel the effects until the next malefic planet crosses the eclipse point of 4 degrees Aries. That will be Mars on February 3, 2017. Make a note in your journal. The last such occurrence that I recorded resulted in the Gulf of Mexico oil rig spill.
As for one's personal astrology, it will depend on where 4 degrees Aries falls in your own natal chart.
Most of us will notice nothing other than the intensified energies of the full Moon this week.
On Thursday, the Moon is void of cours most of the day. This evening there is a lunar opposition to Saturn during the evening commute, Expect this one to be grueling. Tonight, the Moon is square Mars. The aggravations and troubles of the day may interfere with sleep. There could be harsh words or arguments.
On Friday a lunar trine to Mercury brings a potential answer to a question that you may have in the form of a dream. Sleep is sweet and possibly prophet in the early morning hours. A solar/lunar trine about daybreak portends and easy morning. Be careful about over eating or over indulging in other ways around 11 AM with a lunar square to Jupiter.
On Saturday there's a lunar sextile to Uranus then Venus. flirtation, or even love at first sight is possible.
Sunday is a mixed bag with an early morning wake up call filled with exuberance and energy. By late morning we're ready for a nap. This evening you may be presented with a philosophy that is ego challenging. Tonight is about allowing a different view to transform something within. Monday is a wash with a void of course Mon in Cancer the entire day. My advice is to either play hooky or find a corner to curl up in at work. This is not apt to be a very productive day.
Tuesday makes up for the beginning of the week stall. Communications with superiors or those who you respect are favored. With the Moon in exuberant Leo, confidence levels are high. By eraly evening, it's time to solidify communications. Remember Mercury is still retrograde until Friday, so don't sign the paper work just yet.

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