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October 15 - 21, 2018

The waxing Moon in Capricorn sextile Mercury in the early morning hours may find you with a full email box and the phone ringing off the hook. The lunar sextile to Venus (now in retrograde) by the start of the work day may bring back contacts or clients you have dealt with previously and perhaps renew some past financial business. Communication for this is strong for the entire day. Tonight a glass of wine and a hot aromatherapy bath are in order. You've deserved it.
Tuesday the Moon conjoins Pluto in the wee hours possibly bring about cathartic dreams. This evening, your work pays off with a lunar sextile to Jupiter. An opportunity blossoms.
Wednesday the Moon is square Uranus just after entering Aquarius. This is a detached energy, but also may bring about strange events that could be nerve jangling. Tonight the Moon is square Venus. Be careful of overspending or over committing in a love relationship.
Thursday morning a lunar square to Mercury followed by a conjunction with Mars brings a warning about the early commute. Watch out for road rage, aggressive driving and downright nasty people on the roads.
The energy shifts dramatically on Friday morning with Mercury trine Neptune. It's peace, love and a laid back attitude in the early morning. There's a temptation to roll over and go back to dream land. The Moon is square Jupiter before most of us clock in at work. Be careful of overdoing in any area, especially where idealism is concerned. Don't over commit. Mercury is square Mars today, so watch out for yesterday's foul mood from others to spill over. Drive defensively, especially during lunch hour, but really all day. The Moon is sextile Uranus for the drive home. Again, people will be erratic, everyone wants his own freedom and hell with everybody else early this evening.
Saturday in the wee hours the Moon is sextile Saturn. If you find yourself awake, you are probably overworking. Just before daylight the Moon is trine Venus. Sweet dreams are in order and may spill over to the later morning hours as the Moon conjoins Neptune and flights of fantasy take over.
Sunday morning the lunar trine to Mercury and sextile to Pluto bring meaningful dreams, possibly of a cathartic nature. Tonight the moon is trine Jupiter. People are in a magnanimous mood tonight.

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