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November 12 - 18

The Capricorn Moon is sextile Neptune in the early morning hours. Sleep is deep and dreams are plentiful. By lunchtime the Moon conjoins Pluto. It's time for a clearing out of old outworn things, ideas and any kind of dross. Pluto burns away the impurities to produce the  gold.  It's a good time for an intestinal cleanse, a clearing out of closets, drawers or even a colonic treatment.Hypnotherapy can be very effective today in clearing out old patterns.
Tuesday the Moon is square Venus in the early hours of the morning. Most of us will hardly notice, but with the retrograde Venus, it may create some havoc with finances during the overnight banking updates. Late morning the Moon is square Uranus. This is a restless energy that needs freedom  - especially of thinking. Don't get hung up on discipline or routine today. A lunar sextile to Jupiter, now in Sagittarius, encourages expansiveness and generosity.
The only aspect of the Moon on Wednesday is a sextile to Mercury. While, on the surface this may seem to be positive, remember Mercury is preparing for a three week retrograde period. It could give us a preview of this period.
Early Thursday morning Mars is sextile Uranus. We have probably been feeling this energy for a few days. It can represent explosions, freak accidents, lightening or other sudden, unexpected, violent occurrences. We have reached the first quarter of the waxing Moon phase. It's a good time to light some candles to bring in things that you may feel that you have lost - especially in areas of love and money since we are in a Venus retrograde through tomorrow. The Moon is sextile Venus mid afternoon. Mars moves into Pisces in the early evening. This is a dramatic shift in the energy from Aquarius, a fixed and sometimes stubborn placement. Pisces is mutable (changeable - think fog and ocean). It is certainly not weak there, but carries an expression that is more akin to the wearing away of stone by water. Late tonight the Moon, is sextile Uranus, which is retrograde back into Aries. Don't expect to be able to sleep early.
The Moon conjoins Mars with both now in Pisces, just after midnight on Friday morning. Agitation, quarrels, or violence are the potential of this aspect. By lunchtime the Moon is sextile Saturn. Now is a good time to get some things organized that you put off for the past month. Venus stations direct, but don't get too excited. Mercury stations retrograde. Yes - we are in for another three weeks of insanity.
Saturday morning the Pisces Moon is square Mercury then conjoins Neptune. It's good that this is happening in the wee hours of the morning. Confusion with communication, fogginess, escapism, dreaminess are all descriptions of these aspects. By mid-afternoon, the Moon is sextile Pluto. Get a past life regression at psychic fair. You could uncover major secrets or treasures now.
Sunday morning the Moon is trine Jupiter. Perhaps you will wake up to a message from far away in your inbox. It could indicate a gift depending on your own chart. The Moon is void of course until late morning when it enters Aries. Again the mood shifts to a more adventurous tone. The day ends with a lunar square to Saturn. It's likely that exhaustion sets in by tonight. Take it easy and turn in early.

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