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Welcome to The Inner Space Astro Forecast for
May 8 - 14

This morning the Moon opposite Pluto produces some strange dreams.
This afternoon, the Moon is opposite Mercury bringing phone calls, text messages and emails along with errands. This is followed by a lunar opposition to Uranus, also conjunct the Moon around traffic time. Drive carefully, it will be a mess on the roads with people darting around and making last minute lane changes. This evening the Moon is sextile Saturn. Extra responsibilities or interactions with women bring a sense of gratification.
Tuesday morning the Moon moves into Scorpio in the early hours. Today is a good time to transplant tomatoes or to plant seeds. This afternoon the Sun is trine Pluto. Gardening is good to transmute any deep seated anger or hidden issues. Use today to be outdoors if at all possible.
With Mercury in an exact conjunction to Uranus in the wee hours, dreams may give brilliant insights into things that were problematic during the Mercury retrograde last month. The Moon is trine Neptune just before daylight. Sleep is sweet and dreams are vivid. This afternoon, the Moon sextile Pluto is a good time for closet cleaning and weeding, both in the physical and on the emotional levels.
Thursday the Moon is void of course for the entire morning until it moves into Sagittarius at 1 PM. This may feel like Mercury retrograde has returned. Don't make major purchases, plant the garden, go on a job interview or do anything important that has not been put into motion before the void of course time. When I made ceramics as a hobby, I learned that anything I poured during a void of course moon would break or have problems with the glaze and never come to completion. This afternoon, Mars is square Neptune. Don't overdo with alcohol or prescription drugs (or street drugs either for that matter) The consequences could be dire as Mercury trine Saturn in the late afternoon will require focus and attention to the thinking process. This is a good time for creative or technical writing.
Friday the Moon is trine Venus and Mars is trine Jupiter in the predawn hours. There is a lot of sexual energy in these transits. Depending on how it affects your own chart, you could find yourself in a sensual romantic dream, or possibly reality this morning. Late this afternoon the Moon is square Neptune and sextile Jupiter. Again, this not a time for escape, that cocktail on the way home should be followed by dinner before driving. The Moon is sextile Jupiter around dinnertime. Make it a plan to eat out tonight. The Moon is opposite Mars at 6:45. Stay off the roads until well after 7 PM.
Saturday the Moon is trine Uranus then conjoins Saturn. This is a push me - pull me kind of influence as the need freedom and spontaneity give way to responsibility and limitation in the late afternoon. The Moon is trine Mercury late tonight. Expect to get phone calls, have visitors over or in gereral make it a social evening.
Mother's day the moon moves inot Capricorn in the early morning hours. There are no exact aspects until this evening after 10 PM. The Moon square Venus may leave you feeling as though you've spent too much today, or generally lacking the warm fuzzies usually associated with Mother's day.

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