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August 6 - August 12, 2018

The Moon, now in Gemini is trine Mars in the early morning hours. This accentuates the retrograde energies by bringing them to our attention. Fortunately, for most of us using Eastern time, we will be sleeping. Dreams may be very action oriented or possibly even violent. Venus moves into her own sign, Libra, this evening. Relationships, especially romantic ones take on an extra sense of importance now. At the same time, the Sun is square Jupiter, challenging the ego to expand in ways that may be uncomfortable. Try to delay any major purchases due to the retrograde energies and the tendency to be extravagant under this aspect. Late tonight things calm down with a lunar sextile to the Sun.

On Tuesday morning, early, the Moon is square Neptune then sextile Mercury. Sleep is deep, dreams meaningful or possibly fantastical. Before daylight, the Moon is sextile Mercury. Remember to exercise caution with the retrograde status of Mercury. The Moon is void of course from early this morning until late evening when it enters Cancer. Uranus turns retrograde this afternoon, making all technology more challenging. Coupled with the Mercury and Mars retrograde until January 9, it is not advisable to install new software, purchase a new computer or make major decisions regarding any of these items. Issues that are already disruptive will have the chance to rear their heads again, possibly to find a resolution next year. This evening Venus is trine Mars. With Venus in Libra, looking for relationship bliss and Mars in Aquarius marching to the beat of a different drummer, the mating urge, usually inspired by these two planets may be short lived although during this time, some meeting of the minds may take place. The best advice is to lay low and don't try to accomplish things today.

Wednesday the Moon is square Venus in the wee hours, then is sextile Uranus. If this occurs while you are awake, it may cause some kind of sudden financial challenge. This is followed by a pre-dawn opposition with Saturn. Moon/Saturn aspects often create a sense of melancholia or even depression. Each is in its own sign, making this aspect stronger. The Sun conjoins Mercury in the late morning drawing attention to whatever has been up for review since Mercury went retrograde. The day draws to an end with a lunar trine to Jupiter. Interest in mind expanding or consciousness expanding is high. There could also be a midnight refrigerator raid expanding the waistline!

In the early morning hours of Thursday, we have still another lunar aspect to Neptune for the week. Again, sleep is deep, but probably more restful than the earlier one. Just after daylight the Moon is opposite Pluto. Be careful on the roads. This can bring about control or deep-seated manipulation. This not a good mix when driving. The Moon goes void of course for the balance of the day then enters Leo just before midnight. Venus is square Saturn mid-morning. Unexpected expenses may come up.

Friday, the Moon is opposite Mars then square Uranus, both of which are retrograde. Sleep is apt to be challenged until just before daylight when the Moon is sextile Venus. Late tonight the Moon is simultaneously square Jupiter and conjoins Mercury. This could mean late night phone calls or other disruption. It could also cause a restlessness or a desire to expand one's consciousness. Issues that have been up for review this past two weeks may feel larger than life as Mercury squares Jupiter around midnight.

A partial solar eclipse occurs at daylight Saturday morning. The Moon is void of course until it moves into Virgo tonight at midnight.

Sunday morning before daylight the Moon is trine Uranus. This could wake us up early and with a start. This aspect is closely followed with a lunar trine to Saturn. Tiredness, depression or melancholia follow the early morning disturbance. Mars moves back into Capricorn to finish out the month in retrograde motion.

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