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Welcome to The Inner Space Astro Forecast for
January 16 - 22

The Monday holiday begins with a lunar trine to Pluto just before daylight. This is the facilitator of soul searching (or crap stirring). It is possible to get a message this morning from a deeply disturbing dream. Mid afternoon the Moon is opposite Mars. Tempers flare and foot injuries are possible with Mars in Pisces. Tonight on the evening commute, if you are on the roads, there could be blockages and slowdowns with the Moon square Saturn. This indicates problems with elders and with women.

The first day of the work-week, Tuesday sees a Libra Moon just before daylight. A lunar square to Mercury just after lunch bodes poorly for communications.

Wednesday the day runs rather smoothly, depending on your own chart, until late afternoon when the Moon is square Pluto. Control and manipulation issues can surface. Tonight is the time that nobody will knuckle under. It's personal freedom at any cost with the Moon opposite Uranus late this evening.

Early morning Thursday is peaceful and serene with a lunar conjunction to Jupiter followed by a sextile with Saturn. Mars square Saturn today and tomorrow brings concerted effort and hard work, maybe too much. It's an aspect that begins before daylight and goes through Friday. Don't hurt yourself. The Sun moves into Aquarius and the Moon moves into Scorpio late this afternoon. This is a difficult square and screams of control and manipulation vs. freedom of expression and personal empowerment.

The presidential inauguration on Friday may prove to be a difficult time. Although the Moon is sextile Mercury and Venus is sextile Pluto in the morning, we still have that nasty Mars Saturn square hanging over from yesterday. Mars represents the protesters and Saturn represents the powers that be, government and authority. Expect clashes. By early afternoon the Moon is trine Neptune. This is a universal unconditional love aspect. Could the marijuana laws that recently loosened up be at play?

Saturday morning the Moon is sextile Pluto, trine Venus then trine Mars before going void of course for the balance of the evening. This is a great opportunity to get psychic readings, hypnotherapy, body-work and in general regenerate. It's psychic fair, so the price is right.

Sunday the Moon moves into Sagittarius in the early morning. This is in harmony with the Aquarius Moon. It's peace and understanding, brotherhood, enlightenment and a rebirth of optimism.

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