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September 10 - 16, 2018

Monday morning the New Moon is trine Mars and goes void until mid afternoon, taking direction in Libra with a square to Saturn. While the morning hours may be overly energized, the afternoon is the "after lunch let down". Responsibilities force action even though a nap is more appealing. Tonight Mars moves into Aquarius for a two month stay. This is a more stubborn, less driven placement for the fiery planet.
Tuesday the Sun is sextile Jupiter for the morning rush hour. This is an optimistic placement and may bring some good fortune for those with mid Virgo or Scorpio placement in their charts. Just before lunchtime the Sun is trine Pluto. Personal transformation of your ego self is possible now. A lunar square to Pluto in the early evening challenges the shift with emotional resistance to change, but cannot prevail over the ego's need for a shift.
The Moon is void of course on Wednesday until mid afternoon when she enters Scorpio. Don't initiate new projects now. In the wee hours Jupiter is sextile Pluto. If you have bit coins or stocks, you may find that good things happened to your bottom line while you were sleeping. Venus is opposite Uranus just before dawn. This is an "anything goes" kind of transit. The gains from the Jupiter/Pluto aspect could disappear or could double. The first aspect of the Moon today is a square to Mars just before 3 PM. This may produce agitation or even anger. Count to 3 before blowing up. Try to stay off the roads. The Moon is opposite Uranus for the evening commute, so watch out for crazy drivers. This is an erratic energy, but if you do stop for a trip to the gym, it could be a positive. The Moon conjoins Venus shortly after enhancing the energy for romance or for a sudden improvement of some kind. It could be that as the Moon then Venus are sextile Saturn this evening, the workout starts to show up on your body at last.
Thursday we still feel the effects of the Venus, Uranus, Saturn aspects from yesterday. This is a strange mix with Uranus being sudden and radical - Saturn being slow and disciplined. Just observe how this works out in your own life today. it will be interesting. Whatever comes, Venus is the lesser benefic, meaning it brings some minor boon. The Moon is sextile Mercury then trine Neptune in the late afternoon. Communication with the spirit world is strong now and grows stronger as Mercury is opposite Neptune tonight. Rational thought and communication aren't the best, but otherworldly communication is brilliant. Just before midnight the Moon is sextile Pluto. Emotionally, you may finally be ready for the ego transformation that was introduced earlier this week.
On Friday, we have another long void of course Moon from 5 AM until nearly 9 PM. For sure, don't start new projects now!  The early morning lunar conjunction with Jupiter could produce amazing dreams. Tonight the Moon is sextile Mars in the late evening. Watch out for insomnia and be prepared in advance with some chamomile tea and lavender.
The Moon is in Sagittarius all day Saturday, but makes no aspects other than those to your own chart. Mercury is trine Pluto tonight. Deep thinking, possibly uncovering secrets or unraveling a cunundrum are the upside of this transit. The downside is delving too deeply into long a buried shadow, guilt or shame issue causes discomfort, but with the trine, it can now be resolved.
Sunday morning early the Moon is square Neptune. Expect strange or disturbing dreams. By early morning, Mercury is sextile Jupiter. Lots of talk, a plethora of emails or phone calls may be disturbing emotionally before noon by the time the Moon is square Mercury. This is a time to shut off the cell phone, ignore the emails and tell the person you are with that silence is golden, but good luck with that. The second quarter of the Moon begins tonight, This is a great time to light candles for manifestation.

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