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January 21 - 27, 2019

The full Moon, lunar eclipse at 0 degrees 51 minutes Leo created a lot of buzz, but we'll find out the results when Mars crosses the exact degree on July 3. Mars square Saturn today and for the next several days is accentuated with a lunar trine to Mars this evening. The energies of Monday are felt as sustained high energy and the ability to stick with hard work. Irritation tonight gives way to passion as the Moon leaves its aspect with Mars to join Venus in Sagittarius. Lots of fireworks are on today's agenda. Saturn keeps us grounded though.
Tuesday a lunar trine to Jupiter and Venus conjunct Jupiter portends good luck, especially for Sagittarius and Leo individuals. A lunar trine with Uranus brings the need for freedom from restriction, independent thinking and unique ideas. The Moon moves into Virgo late tonight.
Mercury is square Uranus in the early morning hours. This may create nervousness, sleep disturbance and possibly a ringing phone. There is excitement in the air with this aspect. By this evening a lunar trine to Saturn and opposition to Neptune can be a downer. Depression or melancholy are often the effects of this transit. In the best of situations, structured meditation practice is highly successful now.
Mercury enters Aquarius early Thursday morning. Thinking processes shift from traditional and tried & true to innovative and forward thinking for the next month. The Moon is square Jupiter and then Venus early in the wee hours. Be careful of the middle of the night refrigerator raid. It can wreck your diet. By the time the alarm clock rings, the Moon is trine Pluto. Purging is not the answer to the earlier binge. There's a better way to transform and it may show itself this morning. As the Moon makes a minor aspect to Uranus this evening, we're feeling jittery again.
Friday morning a lunar trine from Libra to Mercury in Aquarius can bring answers in a dream. As Mars is trine Jupiter around noon, exercise caution when driving. There's a tendency to speed. There's also a tendency to stretch your energy to its limit and be overly optimistic about your endurance. Tonight the Moon is square Saturn and makes a minor aspect with Neptune. Soothe those achy joints from today's over exercise in a hot bath. Add some aromatherapy oils or Epsom salts to help wash away the pain.
On Saturday morning, a lunar sextile to Jupiter and opposition to Mars in the wee hours may bring restlessness. There could be tossing or turning, even sleep walking. Late morning gives us a lunar sextile to Venus. This is a good time to get a haircut or facial. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself. Tonight the Moon is square Pluto. Try to avoid manipulating others and watch out for manipulative behavior on their part too.
Sunday the Moon opposes Uranus before entering Scorpio in the early hours. Sleep is restless. As the Moon is square Mercury, there may also be disturbing dreams. Look for a message in the nightmare. It could help you to transform something.

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