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Welcome to The Inner Space Astro Forecast for
August 22 - August 28

Monday, August 22 Mercury conjoins Jupiter and the Moon conjoins Uranus in the hours around dawn. If you don't want to be awakened early, best get out the old earplugs and turn off the phone. The waning Moon is void of course from daybreak throughout the entire business day. This is not a time to start anything new. Just after lunch the Sun moves into Virgo for a month-long journey. Matters of health and work coupled with tedious tasks may take the place of the vivacious party mood of last month.

Tuesday the Taurus Moon receives a sextile from Neptune in the late morning. Daydreaming may bring some good benefits now. Early this evening the Moon is trine Pluto. This is always an opportunity for a catharsis. Whether it's cleaning out closets or having a colonics treatment, now is the time.

On Wednesday Mars conjoins Saturn in the early morning. Expect steady and consolidated effort to push forward through the next couple of days. The Gemini Moon is trine Venus just in time for the AM commute. It should be a nice drive in. Mid afternoon the Moon is trine Jupiter then Mercury. Now is a good time to study or to make travel plans. Late tonight the Moon is square the Sun - no worries, this happens every month, but may leave us feeling a bit out of sorts.

Thursday the Moon is opposite Saturn and then Mars just after lunchtime. The mood becomes serious with hard work and effort expended taking its toll emotionally. There may be another person who drives this feeling. Mid afternoon the Moon is square Neptune. Things may be foggy or unclear, or you may be feeling a desperate need for a nap.

Friday Mars is square Neptune in the wee hours. Something like a loud bang or violent quake may awaken you from a sound sleep. It could be something as simple as the cat knocking a vase off the shelf. The Moon moves into Cancer in the early afternoon and makes a number of difficult aspects following a sextile to Uranus, which could be quite positive. This transit indicates a break for freedom, or an innovative and unique idea that springs as from out of nowhere. Late afternoon brings emotional challenges with love, money, philosophy and communication.

Saturday the Moon is sextile the Sun around 7 AM. The day starts off smoothly. A lunar trine to Neptune and Venus conjunct Jupiter may bring romance, perhaps with a very generous person.

Sunday the Moon is opposite Pluto in the early morning hours. Strange dreams make for fitful sleep. Late afternoon is not a time to allow yourself to be tied down. The energies insist on freedom - of expression, movement and in every other way. Late tonight a lunar sextile to Jupiter offers opportunity for mind expansion, whether it be through travel, reading or a film documentary. Let your spirit soar.

Tie up loose ends with contracts, travel or major purchases this week. Mercury turns retrograde on August 30.

 Dr. Sherry Henderson founded the Atlantian Mystery Schools, a holistic and metaphysical professional training program for astrologers, spiritual healers, ministers and counselors in 1995. Dr. Henderson teaches astrology, Kabbalah, psychic development, world religion and spiritual business classes and is a practicing astrologer. She is the director of The Inner Space metaphysical center in Atlanta, Georgia. For information on classes or to schedule an appointment, call 404-252-4540.