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Welcome to The Inner Space Astro Forecast for
October 24 - October 30

Monday morning the Moon goes void of course after a trine to Uranus at 8:21 AM. Don't plan to sleep in. A sudden, unexpected or jangling experience jars late sleepers awake with a jolt. This is followed by a day of frustrations if you want to launch new projects. Give it a rest until tomorrow. Mercury enters Scorpio this afternoon for a 30-day stay. Deep thinking or research is favored.

Tuesday the Moon is busy with a sextile to Mercury then the Sun in the wee hours. Dreams are vivid. This afternoon the Moon is square Venus. Be careful of overspending. A lunar opposition to Neptune brings idealism. Love relationships are challenging as Venus joins the action with a square to Neptune tonight.

Wednesday the Moon is square Saturn and trine Pluto in the early morning hours. Sleep is not restful. Dreams are disturbing. A great boon is possible just before lunch with the two benefics aspecting one another. Maybe somebody will take you out to lunch or you'll get a check in the mail from a far away place. Mid afternoon there's a lunar trine to Mars. Tempers are on edge, but the good news is that energy levels are high.

Thursday the Moon moves into Libra just in time to bring a better mood at work. The Sun conjoins Mercury at lunchtime. This is a chatty energy, perhaps one filled with errands and short trips.

Friday the Moon conjoins Jupiter around daylight then makes a sextile to Venus late morning. Good news and good vibes fill the morning. The afternoon is not so pleasant with a lunar sextile to Saturn. It could give the discipline to complete a project, or it could rain on your parade. Late afternoon the Moon is square Pluto. Manipulation, control and power plays are the danger in this transit.

Saturday the aspects are busy with a Mars square Uranus. This could be a midnight danger signal. Make sure the electricity is safe and don't do any midnight electrical work. If you must drive, be especially calm and vigilant. Sudden road rage is possible. Around daybreak the Moon opposes Uranus and then is square Mars. Is the neighbor's dog robbing you of your beauty rest this morning? Whatever the reason for the rude awakening, it is met with ire. Tonight Venus conjoins Saturn at 8:45. The Halloween party may fizzle early or you may find your budget strained. The Moon goes void of course until it enters Scorpio at 10 PM.

Sunday the opportunity to rest, sleep in, nap and take in a movie, go to the steam room or a movie is tempting, so do it and don't try to accomplish work today. This evening the Moon conjoins Mercury - a good time for socializing, chatting or traveling around time.

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