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May 21 - May 27, 2018

With the Sun now in Gemini, the spirit may be feeling just a little bit lighter. There is a more sociable and communicative air around us for the upcoming month. On Monday, the Moon is void of course until late this evening. Don't try to accomplish too much today. Use this time to tie up loose ends. Try not to drink caffeinated beverages or eat chocolate late in the day. A lunar trine to Uranus, now in Taurus may be over stimulating at bedtime.

Tuesday the Virgo Moon is sextile Venus in the early morning hours. This is apt to bring about feelings of well being and peace. Good for those wee hours sleepers. By noon, the Moon is trine Saturn. Structure and dealings with elders or those in positions of authority is favored at this time. Tuesday night Mercury is sextile Neptune. This aspect is good for sleeping, meditating or writing fiction. It's not good for solid communications. Save those serious conversations for tomorrow.

Mercury is opposite Jupiter in the early hours just after midnight on Wednesday. The Moon is opposite Neptune then sextile Jupiter then trine Mercury. Dreams will be rich, possibly prophetic. By late morning, when the Moon is trine Pluto, you may gain some kind of cathartic insights from those dreams. We have another void of course Moon from late morning until Thursday morning - not the time to try to accomplish anything of any importance. The Sun is trine Mars tonight. This is another active and restless energy. We find ourselves over stimulated or excited. This aspect has been felt for two or three days now and will continue for the next 24 - 48 hours. Be careful driving. Ego can be aggressive now.

Thursday us challenging for the morning commute with the Moon mixing it up with the Sun/Mars trine. Again, be extremely cautious on the roads. Don't let others get your dander up. Accidents are very possible now. Avoid road rage. Don't participate in someone else's crazy. This afternoon the Moon is square Venus. What we want is apt to challenge what we need. This is followed up with a lunar square to Saturn. There could be feelings of disappointment or challenges with coolness from others, especially women.

Friday Jupiter is trine Neptune just before daylight. This aspect encourages travel, especially by water and over large distances. If you can't travel right now, take up a new course of study or a spiritual discipline. This aspect is active all week and we have been feeling it for some time. It will be active into next week as well. Mercury is trine Pluto mid morning. Opportunity to transform thinking is a key phrase for this aspect. While it will only last a few days, we started feeling it on Wednesday or Thursday and it will be with us through the weekend, it gives depth to the Jupiter Neptune trine. Now is the time to dig deep into exotic or profound subject matter. You could change your religion or deepen it with this transit. A lunar square to Pluto late this afternoon accentuates the need to dig deep.

Saturday morning the Moon enters Scorpio. Venus is opposite Saturn today, possibly bringing an interaction requiring a reevaluation of the budget or of our values. This is followed by a lunar opposition to Uranus in the late morning causing a feeling of rebellion or a need for freedom. If you are feeling budgetary constraints due to the above mentioned transit, the lunar brush with Uranus will cause a reaction. Late this afternoon the Moon is square Mars. If you are traveling on this holiday, be careful and don't get in too big of a hurry. The price is too great.

Sunday the Moon is sextile Saturn in the wee hours and them makes a trine with Venus. Limiting feelings are soon dispelled. Mid afternoon the Moon conjoins Jupiter. This is a great time to be expansive or generous. You may be the recipient of some one else's generosity. The temptation this afternoon is to imbibe be careful. With a lunar square to Neptune, the heat and the beer could be a bad combination.

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