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Welcome to The Inner Space Astro Forecast for
June 12 - 18

This week could start out on a pretty frenetic launch pad. The Moon is square Uranus mid afternoon on Monday, the only aspect of the day, before going void of course at 2:45 this afternoon. It moves into Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus (god of chaos) tonight at 7:45 PM
Tuesday starts out at 10 AM with a lunar square to Venus. This is never good for financial dealings or romance. by lunchtime Mercury is trine Jupiter. Plan or begin your vacation under this aspect for a great time with some mind expanding stimulation. This would be good to visit the Space Museum, or a foreign country. Jupiter is now direct so all things travel are favored. Tonight Mercury is square Neptune and the Moon is trine Mercury. Deception or dishonesty could spoil the evening.
The Moon is trine the Sun then sextile Saturn tonight. Put your efforts into things that make you shine. They will pay off.
Thursday the Moon is sextile Uranus in the wee hours. Sleep may be restless or disturbed. The Moon moves into Pisces around daylight while the Sun is opposite Saturn. This may be a downer, or low energy day. Meetings with those in positions of authority are not favored now. Don't ask for a raise today. Tonight the Moon is trine Mars. Angst, aggravation or a temper flare up is possible. It will clear the air.
Friday the Moon is sextile Venus just into the early hours of the day. Sweet dreams make up for last night's disturbance. With the Moon conjunct Neptune mid morning, daydreaming or drowsiness may interfere with work. By the time the 5:00 whistle blows, the Moon is sextile Pluto. Set an appointment for hypnotherapy, colonics, or to have your basement trash hauled away. Tonight the Moon is square Mercury. Emotions may not be easy to express tonight.
Saturday the Moon is void of course from the time it makes a square with Saturn then the Sun this morning. Nothing much is happening. Try to get Father's day shopping done earlier in the week. The Moon moves into Aries at 1:55 PM.
Sunday the Moon is square Mars around daylight. Something or someone may disturb your weekend sleep opportunity early this morning. A lunar opposition to Jupiter says take Dad out to lunch and to a museum or other mind expanding activity this afternoon. The Sun sextile Uranus encourages out of the box thinking, freedom and self expression for the balance of the day today. Mercury opposite Saturn mid afternoon could mean a difference of opinion between generations. Late tonight the Moon is square Pluto. If you over-ate at the Father's Day brunch, your tummy may suffer tonight. This could also dredge up old emotions that are unresolved.

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