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Welcome to The Inner Space Astro Forecast

for October 16 - 23

Monday morning may find you deep in dreams with a lunar opposition to Neptune, but by the time the alarm clock rings, The Sun is sextile Saturn bringing opportunities to shine with someone in a position of authority or with an elder. Dealings with older individuals are favored all day. By mid afternoon, the Moon is trine Pluto. This transit has the power to initiate an emotional breakthrough of some kind.  It’s a good time to work with your therapist.
Tuesday in the wee hours, the Moon is square Saturn. Aches and pains may disturb sleep. This is especially true for those with arthritis or problems with the knee joints. Mercury moves into Scorpio for a month-long stay. This coupled with a lunar conjunction to Mars makes for an intense morning commute. By tonight, the energy shifts somewhat as the Moon moves into Libra and joins Venus. Romance is sweet, possibly filled with pillow-talk.
Wednesday Mercury conjoins Jupiter. Communications, especially long distance ones, are favored. This aspect is good for writers and speakers. Just exercise caution and remember not to over-do it. Tonight the Moon ia square Pluto. Feelings of manipulation or that another is trying to control or gain the upper hand may surface. Be careful that you are not that person.
Thursday morning the Moon is sextile Saturn. This is a no funny-business kind of aspect.  An emotional connection could feel more solid. You could stabilize a relationship with an elder. By early afternoon the Sun and then the new Moon are opposite Uranus. Ideas are electric. Inspiration abounds. Freedom from constraints is a necessary part of your being today. The Moon moves into Scorpio tonight.
In the small hours of Friday morning the Moon conjoins Jupiter. A midnight raid on the refrigerator could result in a tummy overload, so be careful. By wake-up time, the Moon conjoins Mercury. With both in Scorpio, research is favored. Deep investigation or study can pay off. Tonight a lunar trine with Neptune brings an opportunity to escape. Go to a movie, read a novel or light some candles and incense and meditate.
Saturday’s only aspect is a lunar sextile to Pluto in the pre-dawn hours.  Today is a good time for a colonic, hypnotherapy or anything that can clear out the debris on a deep level. Closet or basement cleaning is productive.
Sunday the Moon moves into Sagittarius after a sextile with Mars just around daylight.  If you are up early, it may be for a health regimen, exercise or other Virgo type activity. Be careful not to nit-pick. This afternoon Mars moves into Libra where it is considered “fallen”. It may be difficult to make decisions or choices for the next couple of months until Mars leaves this sign.

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