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July 16 - July 22, 2018

A Virgo Moon ushers in the week with a conjunction to Venus just barely after midnight. By lunchtime the Moon is sextile Jupiter. Both of these aspects encourage self indulgence, whether it's a midnight raid on the icebox or an extra serving of fries at lunch. Fortunately it's Virgo, so some restraint may be had. This afternoon late, the Moon is opposite Neptune. Food coma? Sugar crash? Tonight the Moon is trine Pluto. A purge may be in order. Aside from food, there are lots of ways to splurge or to self gratify. Just try to take it easy.

Tuesday the Moon goes void of course until she enters Libra mid afternoon. Now is not the time to start new projects. Finish the things that are underway. Tonight the Moon is square Saturn. There may be feelings of melancholia or even problems with women. Meditate on something pleasant, or watch an uplifting show before retiring and try to clear your mind of the negative talk.

On Wednesday the only aspect all day is a lunar trine to Mars in the wee hours. Dreams could be disturbing or sleep restless.

Thursday morning the Moon is square Pluto and sextile Mercury before daylight. Dreams could be strange and even cathartic. Look for the message. The Moon goes void of course after a square to the sun before 4 PM. Take off early, relax by the pool or whatever doesn't require an outcome. The Moon enters Scorpio tonight.

The planets are active on Friday with a lunar opposition to Uranus in the very early hours. This may produce some kind of sleep upset or disturbance. A ringing phone or the neighbors dogs are at it again. Just before daylight the Moon is sextile Saturn. The bed may feel hard, the covers twisted or not just right. This is not an aspect of comfort and then, just after daylight, the Moon is square Mars. Angst or road rage may be a blight on the morning commute. By this evening the Moon is sextile Venus and conjoins Jupiter. It's the "be good to yourself" team at it again. Be careful of overindulging tonight.

Saturday the Moon is trine Neptune in the early morning hours. Finally it's time to catch some really good sleep. Dreams are sweet with this aspect. Mid morning is a good time to schedule hypnotherapy, colonics or a basement cleaning with the Moon sextile Pluto. Over thinking or over talking could be a danger as the moon is square Mercury lste this afternoon.

Sunday morning the Moon moves into Sagittarius. It's a good day! Happiness and jovality abound as the Sun enters Leo for a month long stay. Venus is sextile Jupiter today and tomorrow. Overeating, over indulging and in general having a really good self indulging kind of day should be on the agenda. A lunar sextile to Mars in the afternoon brings high energy.

 Dr. Sherry Henderson founded the Atlantian Mystery Schools, a holistic and metaphysical professional training program for astrologers, spiritual healers, ministers and counselors in 1995. Dr. Henderson teaches astrology, Kabbalah, psychic development, world religion and spiritual business classes and is a practicing astrologer. She is the director of The Inner Space metaphysical center in Atlanta, Georgia. For information on classes or to schedule an appointment, call 404-252-4540.