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About Sherry

Astrology, Tarot, Kabbalist, Reiki Master, NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, Raymone Moody Certified Grief Counselor, Ordained Minister

Self-knowledge is the key to your future. With the proper tools and understanding, the future is in your hands, rather than at arms length or shrouded in a cloud of confusion. My goal is to help you remove the mystery from your life by giving you a diagram of your astrological programming or by tuning into the energies of the Tarot.

A Personal Message from Sherry

As a child, I was always interested in everything mystical and magical, but had no idea how to pursue it.  My secret philosophies were shared by a few of my closest friends, but we knew not to share our secrets in the Southern, Bible belt small town in which we lived.
A close inner circle of my friends and I formed a mystical club and built a clubhouse out of discarded lattice material. We would tie ribbons on the walls and ceiling (the entire thing was less than 4X4’ square. A few rainstorms and the winter cold drove us to look for more comfortable quarters, so we took over the attic in my parent’s house. Our pre-teen yearnings for more information led us to sneak  out our own copies “Fate” magazine at the drugstore, pooling our allowance to buy a valued copy to keep in the club house aka attic.
Even to this day, the mystical is fascinating to me. It is so exciting to introduce others to the world of mysteries and mysticism and to help those seekers find their own answers.
Having owned hair salons, it was natural for me to talk to women about things that they would not share with anyone else. I longed to have a vehicle to help others through their pain. Heaven knows I went through some rough personal roads in my own younger years so I was able to understand and often offer some helpful counsel. It was not enough to just give comfort and so I toyed with the idea of returning to school to become a psychologist, but there never seemed to be the time or the money.
When I got my first astrology reading, I knew that with astrology, a person’s entire life is an open book,  revealing their challenges, problems and grief of the human experience, but also in the astrological chart I am also able to see their strengths and talents and give them hope and solutions to some of life’s greatest dilemmas. Even though I had been reading Tarot for a few years for friends, salon clients and family by that time, I didn’t find the profundity that I found with Astrology. At age 44 I began an in depth study of astrology that continues up to today.
It became my life’s mission to help people, especially women, understand themselves more fully, to embrace and accept their own power. Thirty years later, it is just as thrilling to me as ever when I see someone have an Ah-Ha moment.




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