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Classes & Workshops

Candle Magic at 6th Sense

The colors of the candles, the time in which they are lit and the intent work together to bring magic into your life! Learn how to manipulate energy and set your intent with the power of the flame! Manifest your desires.

Vision Board Playshop at 6th Sense

Start the year off with a vision and a plan of the things that you wish to manifest this year. A creative, no-stress work-around for defining your New Year's resolutions is a vision board. This is nothing more than a collage of pictures that represent your dreams, goals or ideal state. This triggers your subconscious and the Law of Attraction to work their magic. We will make our board and set our intent with a group meditation to use the power of the group mind.

Meditation & Messages at 6th Sense

Everyone is psychic. Follow your guidance to give a message to another member of the group. We will each draw a name and then meditate. After the meditation we will write down whatever message comes through either in the meditation or as we write. This is always an amazing and fun exercise.

Kabbalah Basics at 6th Sense

Dr. Mills covers the broad strokes of Kabbalah, from a general overview of the practice to the incorporating it into one's life. Join her for an informational session and opportunity to learn about a very interesting practice!
A meditation on the Kabbalah is a part of this evening's program.

Tarot Introduction at 6th Sense

Tarot cards hold the keys to the mysteries of life's experience. Their symbology dates back hundreds of years. Join Dr. Etricia for an introduction to Tarot. For everything from the different cards, to meanings, to an intro on how to read them - it's a great way to learn the basics!

NGH Hypnotherapy Group Monthly Meeting Guest

Is it a Dark Night of the Soul,
Demonic Possession or Mental Illness

Dr. Mills is a certified hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy trainer with the NGH. She has a hypnotherapy practice at The Inner Space. In addition to her hypnotherapy practice, she is a Kabbalist and a mystic - well versed in many aspects of the metaphysical and paranormal field.

As a practicing hypnotherapist, Dr. Mills has had the experience of meeting clients who are having a life crisis and those with more serious problems..
Knowing when the client really needs to be referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist and when hypnotherapy is appropriate is a necessary part of practicing in this field. "We see clients who are convinced that they are possessed by demons and others who are having a serious problem just dealing with the stresses of every-day life. How do you determine if you can help them? What measures are appropriate?" Dr. Mills asks.



About Dr. Etricia Mills

Dr. ETRICIA MILLS, NGH CHt, NLP, CI holds an instructor certification in hypnotherapy, past life regression and soul retrieval as well as being a NLP (Neuro - linguistic Programming trainer's trainer. She is also well versed in the Tarot and uses her clairvoyant abilities to help her clients.
With over 20 years of experience in metaphysical studies, Dr. Etricia uses her studies of the Kabbalah as well as her vast metaphysical knowledge with the Tarot to get answers to life’s most pressing questions. Along with the Tarot, her tools include the pendulum, dowsing rods and numerology. Whether you are looking for an answer to a job or relationship question, or to find your spiritual path, she is able to work with the individual on a soul level to determine the root source of the problem and address it on all levels. Dr. Mills is a senior instructor in the Atlantian Mystery Schools Professional Hypnotherapist training program.

A Personal Message from Dr. Etricia



Dr. Etricia has an international clientelle and gives both phone and in-person readings at The Inner Space. She also reads at the monthly Inner Space Psychic Fair.

For an appointment or more information her classes, workshops and readings, you may contact Dr. Etricia at 404-252-4540 for an appointment.

More About Dr. Etricia

Dr. Etricia Mills is the consummate student with two Doctorate in Divinity degrees. She holds a Doctorate of Divinity in Spiritual Healing under Dr. Charles Skillas,(deceased) and a Doctorate of Divinity in Mysticism under Dr Raymond Moody, under the auspeces of The Atlantian Mystery Schools as well as a National Guild of Hypnotist's instructor (trainer)certification and Neuro-linguistic Programming Instructor certification from Dr. Will Horton of the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programmers. She also holds multiple certifications and diplomas including: Reiki Master, Diploma in Divinatory Arts, Access Consciousness BARS, and others.

She is the creator of Priestess Durga line of products, including ritual bath kits and other ritual supplies.

Her focus is empowerment of her clients through the clearing of old distructive patterns using subconscious mind reprogramming, including hypnotherapy, NLP, BARS and magical ritual (prayer and spell-work).


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