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Tarot cards hold the keys to the mysteries of life’s experience. Their symbology dates back hundreds of years. The many systems of Tarot and plethora of definitions can be daunting for the beginner or even advanced beginning student, but the Atlantian Mystery School technique is a simple, straight forward method of reading the cards that practically guarantees success. Each week we will review the cards, layouts and methods of reading then have a practice session at the end of class in which students gain proficiency by reading for each other with instructor assistance.


Take the knowledge that you have gained in Tarot 101 or as an amateur reader to the next level. If you have a working knowledge of Tarot cards and the Celtic Cross spread, you may join this class. We will use the astrological wheel with the houses to pinpoint where the action is taking place in the reading and we will learn techniques for timing using the Celtic Cross layout. Fine tune your readings. Valerie will also introduce additional layouts and card combinations along with card reversals.


This workshop will unveil the mysteries of the Tarot through the ages. From some the earliest decks of antiquity, to the Rider-Waite-Smith, we will explore the development of the system of Tarot and how it came about in its current incarnation. This in depth look at the history of Tarot will help us to separate the wheat from the chaff. The evolution of what the cards have come to mean over the centuries will become more evident to us. This examination will help us learn how different decks work for the world we live in today no matter what age and will help us to appreciate and learn more about how we make the cards work for us as individual readers.


Introduction to Feng Shui using the BTB or Black Sect Feng Shui system. This easy to understand and practical use will help you recognize areas of your environment that can be modified to increase or expand the areas of your life in which you desire improvement. We will examine what feng shui is and what it is not, the primary areas of your home that have the most impact on your energy flow or chi, what you can do to improve these areas and what cures would provide the most satisfactory results, the three step process of applying cures to your space. If you have one room that you are especially interested in improving, bring a layout of that room. We will make at least one cure for your space that and review other cures that can be used to help improve the flow of chi in that space and in your life.

She also has a number of specialty workshops and class throughout the year. Check the Atlantian Mystery School Calendar for more detail.

About Valerie Que

Valerie is a Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Spirit Whisperer, Intuitive and lifetime metaphysical student. Starting a young age, metaphysical studies have fascinated and intrigued her. She began reading the Tarot in the early 70s and has since challenged herself to become more intuitive and knowledgeable in every way. This has lead her into studies of Cyma Therapy (sound frequency), QiGong, Reiki, and other modalities of personal development.Valerie has an innate knowledge and enthusiasm that aids and assists in the “finer/subtler” aspects of client therapy. Her Angel Guided Intuition permeates all interactions with clients. Her 40+ years of Tarot, coupled with her Energy work make here a caring and compassionate reader.

A Personal Message from Valerie

 There was no internet, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube when my fascination with metaphysics began.  I grew up in the 70s in a hippie counterculture that was the source for my education in this field  and spent many hours learning about eastern religions, forms of divination, astrology, cards, and other metaphysical teachings.  I bought my first Rider-Waite deck during this time because that was all I could find.  It’s still my deck of choice for readings and classes.   
 The 80s brought me to Atlanta, where I found kindred souls and a plethora of all kinds of classes.  I’m a “forever student” who has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that I want to share.  I love to learn as I continue to update my skills as a student of life. 
During this journey, I have added a lot of different modalities, practices, and methods that I’ve experimented with.  Working with Tarot allows me to add the other fields of study in a way that has a synergistic effect as they are all just different frequencies of energies.
My Tarot classes are taught with an emphasis on intuition and allowing the cards to tell the story.  This fascination with Tarot has led me to add practical feng shui to my list of modalities and any other methods that interest me.  I’m  a “student of all and expert on none.”   I’m a work in progress as we all are. 


Valerie has an international clientelle and gives both phone and in-person readings at The Inner Space. She also reads at the monthly Inner Space Psychic Fair.

For an appointment or more information her classes, workshops and readings, you may contact Valerie at 404-252-4540 for payment plans and other questions.

For current class information, you may visit

Valerie's Creative Side

In the early 2000’s, I started making jewelry. This expanded into wind chimes and suncatchers.  I try to include spiritual and energetic knowledge that I have accumulated into my creations.  Each piece includes my energy and whatever intention I infuse it with.

(Her creativity doesn't end with jewelry. She also makes lovely Feng Shui cures and magnificent beaded Tarot boxes among other pieces)

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